Vegan Straight Edge (abbreviated as xVx) is a term that emerged in the late 1990s. It is an expansion on the straight edge lifestyle which is abstinence from all intoxicants. Vegan Straight Edge (xVx) goes one step further, with participants also abstaining from all animal products.

I myself am a practicing Vegan Straight Edge. In this article, I’ll be answering the most common questions I get asked about my choices, the history of Straight Edge and other general questions about the lifestyle.

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Who started Straight Edge?

‘Straight Edge’ was taken from a song of the same name by the hardcore punk band Minor Threat.

The straightedge movement was a direct reaction to the excess associated with punk rock, and went in the exact opposite direction.

From there it became a growing lifestyle choice of the early-1980s hardcore punk scene. It was the idea of abstaining from intoxicants. Since then it has evolved, with several more additions promoting vegetarianism, veganism and animal rights.
*Note: Here’s the song that started it all Straight Edge by Minor Threat, 1984:

Is Straight Edge still a thing?

Yes, Straight Edge still has a practicing community. There are many who follow abstinence from animal products, intoxicants and more while still acknowledging the lifestyle as straight edge.

It may be losing it’s connection to the Punk scene over the decades, but the lifestyle is still in full effect and followed by many.

Do you have to be punk to be straightedge?

Do you have to be punk to be straight edge?

No, straightedge as an idea and lifestyle has been around for decades. Although the lifestyle originated in the punk and hardcore scene, it is now beyond this.

You can be straightedge and not into the hardcore/punk scene. It may be the most common way to be introduced to the lifestyle still though. It’s essentially advanced teetotalism.

xvx vegan straight edge

What is xVx?

XVX means Straightedge Vegetarian or Straightedge Vegan. It is as acronym used in internet slang, and the vegan straight edge subculture.

It comes as a response to the original straight edge culture’s acronym of ‘sXe’ or ‘XXX’ – which is for the straight edge culture of only abstaining from intoxicants.

Some straight edgers even go the extra mile by tattooing these initials onto their body.

What is the Vegan Straight Edge Lifestyle?

The Vegan Straight Edge lifestyle involves abstinence from intoxicants like a normal straightedge, but with the addition of following a vegan lifestyle.

Can you be Straight Edge and eat meat?

Yes, you can still eat meat and be straight edge. Straight edge is no alcohol, no tobacco, and no recreational drugs. To be a vegan straight edge you need to follow those rules and also follow a vegan lifestyle. No meat or animal products.

straightedge coffee

Can Straight Edge drink coffee?

Yes, you can be a traditional straight edge and still drink coffee. There are some versions of Straightedge that abstains from caffeine, but this is a more extreme version of it.

The straight edge movement is about self-respect and utilizing the ability to make a conscious decision of rejecting the societal norm of intoxication, to some this applies to caffeine too as it has some addictive qualities.

However, most forms of straightedge permit caffeine, which makes coffee fine to use.

List of Notable Straight Edge People

Below is a list of the more notable people in the world who follow the straightedge lifestyle:

  • Ian MacKaye – Frontman of Minor Threat and Fugazi
  • CM Punk – Former Pro Wrestler, Current MMA Fighter
  • Tyler the Creator – Rapper and Producer
  • James Hetfield – Metallica Frontman
  • C.J. Wilson – Baseball Pitcher
  • Toby Morse – H2O Frontman
  • Tim McIlrath – Rise Against Frontman
  • Steve Aoki – Musician and Producer
  • Alissa White-Gluz – Arch Enemy Lead Singer
  • Lil Yachty – Rapper